This is an advertisement for Professional Services. To the extent that this website is deemed an “advertisement for state specific legal services,” Nelson Locke advertises for legal services only in California for CA state specific matters. The balance of his practice is expert consultation.  No warranties can be given expressed or implied.  Clients are unique and results will differ because of different facts in the analysis. This internet web site and other Locke social media are not to be construed as giving legal advice. Further, no attorney client relationship will ever exist until the client says so and an agreement exists in a signed writing. Nelson Locke provides legal services only where licensed and only provides consultative or supervised services in other jurisdictions. Nelson Locke is a Mortgage Industry Expert Witness, and provides federal agency audit preparation and defense nationwide. Nelson Locke is currently admitted to the California Bar and certain  Florida, Texas, Oklahoma, Colorado, and California Federal Bars. The fastest way to contact Nelson Locke is to call (800) 656-4584. You can fax him at (954) 251-4923. 

Content Copyright 2014 Nelson A. Locke, Esq. All rights reserved.

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