Learn about Reverse Vision – one in two reverse mortgages will close using this software.

Since 2007, I have been a fan of Reverse Vision. Back then my old employer tasked me with the job of finding a replacement for our in-house proprietary system which was Office based, relying on Microsoft Access. There was too much risk of document error and calculation error, so we hired a top notch programmer and set about to re-invent the world.

Then Fannie Mae told us about RV. In fact to be an approved seller of HECMS to FNMA, we needed to use it as they had tested it to death and it was solid. The interfaces worked very well.

So I picked up the phone, called RV’s then president Thomas Martignoni – and the rest is happy history. We have been with them since their inception.

As an MLO you MUST know this program. In this session I am going to provide a copy of their current manual and the ability to discuss with me. Focus on part FIVE.

Here is their manual. ReverseVision_Handbook

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