TRID Simplified…….Don’t lose hope…….you can do it…….the key is to keep calm and read on.

My regular clients will know what this is.

First, download the PDF and print it out.

Trid Simplified PDF Presentation 090315

Next, listen to this audio file. It is only 28 minutes long. There are a couple of minor issues, like when I speak of mortgages on mobile homes I needed to say NOT permanently attached. Also someone asked about the requirement for a signature on the Loan Estimate. There is no place for a borrower to sign. You have to be able to prove you provided it once the clock started ticking, and then prove you provided it again prior to “consummation” – according to the days required by the reg. here is the   language relied on  ” The consumer is not required to sign the Loan Estimate. The creditor may add a signature statement and have the consumer sign page 3 of the Loan Estimate in order to Confirm Receipt of the Loan Estimate by the consumer. If used by the creditor, the signature statement must contain the exact language from the model form. (§ 1026.37(n)(1))”

This is a lot easier than reading a 100 page “Quick Guide”……..

So shut up and dance.