Mortgage Brokers – add Commercial Loans to your revenue stream.

50% OFF our Commercial Mortgage Brokerage Program – For Residential Lenders and Brokers who want to add another source of revenue.

With interest rates rising in the residential sector all of us should develop additional sources of revenue that do not rely on traditional residential lending.

State and Federal Regulators are tightly focused on residential mortgage lending. They are largely unfocused on small commercial lending.

Commercial loans are largely exempt from Dodd-Frank. This means less paperwork, easier compliance, and an earning potential that falls outside of the CFPB Originator Compensation Rule.

We have developed a program for small Lenders and Brokers that will allow them to originate commercial mortgages with confidence.

  • It includes the necessary documentation to ORIGINATE and PRESENT  your commercial proposal professionally.
  • It includes all the federal policies and procedures that commercial lending requires.
  • Our firm is attorney owned with clients in 13 states and because of this – we have funding source recommendations for you.

We are offering this package at $750. Limited time offer. Regular price will be $1500.

To learn more, CLICK HERE and send us an email. Or if you prefer, call us at (800) 656-4584. Be sure to mention the word COMMERCIAL.

Nelson A. Locke, Esq.
Compliance Services, USA
7800 Preston Road – Suite 118
Plano, TX 75024

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