Audit Notices are FLYING OUT


Yes it is true. Here we are about 10 days into the new year. As of yesterday, six clients in Florida, Texas, and North Carolina had received audit notices. That’s about 3% of our client base meaning that we could see a very high audit rate this year – perhaps as high as 30%. The agencies are getting really aggressive.

All of the audit notices were accompanied with a checklist that incorporated the items on our CFPB Audit Preparation Checklist which is page four of compliance book three. If you don’t know what that is, email us at we will send you a copy. We have been telling you since 2015 that the audit notice process is standardizing, so it is easier for you to be able to know in advance what a regulator is looking for.

The CFPB Audit Checklist is the best roadmap you could have. Have you ever read it? Book Three page four. Or email us.

Here’s to a Happy New Year! Thanks for engaging us as your Compliance Expert.


Nelson A. Locke, Esq

Jon Gordon, Director

Compliance Services, USA

(800) 656-4584



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