Settlement Service Providers List is an important part of your Loan Estimate Package.

November 5th, 2019

Settlement Service provider List ( called the SPL) must be provided with your loan estimate. Here are the current requirements.

  1. Must be given at time of application or within three days of application.
  2.  Must identify AT LEAST ONE PROVIDER for each service disclosed in section c of your LE.
  3.  You can bundle, but you must say what is included in the bundle.
  4.  The provider you name must be local to the property and able to complete the service.
  5.  If you have an ownership interest in a service provider, you must also provide the affiliated business arrangement disclosure.  “Sharing a financial benefit, etc.”
  6.  The SPL must be separate from the LE.
  7.  Has to include service provider name, estimate of costs (matching the LE) and name address and other contact information.

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