Special AML/RISK/CYBER Certification Course

This three-in-one course will be a two-hour session and is for the Compliance Officer and/or CEO/President.

It will cover three critical areas of Independent Certification. I will act as the Independent Certifier.

  1. An annual Independent Certification of your adherence to the Anti Money Laundering Rules.

2. An Independent Risk Assessment Review, one is due every six months. I will provide a model for you to work with. Lenders and regulators are requesting this on an increasing basis.

3. An informative discussion about Cyber Security and the requirements for Brokerage Businesses and small Lenders. We will use New York’s Program as the model. We will discuss if you have any special reporting requirements, based on your state and company census.

The cost for this session is $750. If you are a client of our company, the price is $500.

It will include AML and Risk Certifications, and your entire management Team can attend. This is NOT for MLO staff.

This information is frequently required when applying to new Lenders or being audited by your Regulator.

To request a slot and get this scheduled send an email to me at nl@lockelaw.us

Thanks in advance.

Nelson A. Locke, Esq.

Compliance Services USA

(800) 656-4584


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